Health complex «Evrika»

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Health complex «Evrika» reviews, bath/sauna Kyiv Shevchenko district St. Reitarskaya 9, photo, address with a travel card.
from 200 to 500 UAH / hour
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Street: St. Reitarskaya 9

Region: Kyivska oblast

City: Kyiv

GPS: 50.451262,30.512896 globe

Type of complex:  Bath complex

Working hours: Around the clock

About Us

Wellness complex "Eureka" - what you need for a chic holiday!

The two-level complex "Evrika" provides a wide range of services for all lovers of bathing. First of all - we are located in the very center of the megalopolis, you can easily reach us by your own car or public transport. In addition, we created a whole oasis in the middle of the stone jungle, in which every guest will feel in paradise. For you we have built a hall that combines both the Finnish sauna and the Roman therma. A company of 10 people, namely so much, can comfortably sit in a rest room, will be able to relax on soft leather furniture, in the intervals between soaring. By your arrival, the sauna and the baths are already heated and, of course, the pool is cleaned, in which you can cool down after soaring. For lovers of wellness procedures, we have prepared a service from professionals with many years of experience - bath attendants and massage therapists, whose services each guest can use by prior arrangement. Comfort, comfort, service, and of course, only professionals working to ensure that your vacation was memorable - these are the main values ​​and criteria on which our work is built, because your quality vacation is our top priority!

Price list

Service Cost
Complex rental
9:00-0:00 500 UAH / hour
0:00-9:00 500 UAH / hour
Оver 5, extra charge for each person 100 UAH / hour
Massage services (pre-order)
Full body massage 600 UAH
Back massage 300 UAH
Neck massage 200 UAH
Collar zone massage 100 UAH
Bathhouse attendant
Bathhouse attendants - 1 entry for a broom 300 UAH
Peeling (beer, salt, honey, coffee) in a Roman term or a Russian steam bath (40 min) 250 - 350 UAH
Great bath ritual - 3 hours for 1-2 people 1300 UAH / pr
Bath ritual small. - 2 hours 800 UAH / pr
Additional services
Broom (oak, birch, lime) 100 UAH
Slippers (disposable) 20 UAH
Cap (optional) 25 UAH
Bath attendant Masseur Bar Restaurant Cook
Bath accessories:
Brooms Sheets Towels Caps Slippers
Massage procedures Aroma procedures
Discount system:
System of discounts for regular customers
Parking space:


Subscription for a month at a bargain price!
Time spending: valid now
Visit our recreation complex from 300 UAH / hour for daytime on weekdays!

Finnish sauna and Roman term

Health complex «Evrika» reviews, bath/sauna Kyiv Shevchenko district St. Reitarskaya 9, photo, address with a travel card.
+38095 XXX XX XX view fully
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from 200 to 500 UAH / hour

Capacity: до 10 person

Steam room:
Finnish sauna
Hammam (turkish bath)
Roman bath
For 4-10 people
Water procedures:
Pool Shower
Living room:
Tables TV Sofas Chairs
The anteroom:
Massage equipment:
Massage chairs A massage table
Decorative items (figurines, handmade, vases, etc.) Pictures

About the hall

To get an unforgettable vacation - come to the health complex "Eureka" in which there is a unique room with a Finnish steam room and a Roman bath. The hall is ideal for a company of 10 people. In between the soaring guests can sit in the living room with a large soft sofa and TV. After steaming, we suggest to cool off under the shower or in the pool. For lovers of wellness treatments, we have prepared a special surprise - professionals with years of experience - a bathhouse attendant and a massage therapist (the service can be used by appointment).

Description of the complex

Even a single SPA-procedure allows you to relieve stress and nervous tension caused by work, everyday worries, problems and the frantic pace of the city. Complex SPA procedures make it possible to multiply the effectiveness of each of them. For example, peeling allows you to get rid of old skin cells, wrap nourishes the body with nutrients, and massage relieves swelling, normalizes blood circulation and lymph movement, which strengthens the skin from the inside.

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